Privacy Policy


This translation is provided for informational purposes only. The Spanish version constitutes the legally binding version and, in the event of any inconsistency with the English translation, it shall prevail.


In case you establish some type of communication with Ypama Abogados, S.L.U., shall it be by phone, fax, ordinary or electronic mail, your data will be kept and included in a file property of Ypama Abogados, S.L.U. for the purpose of informing or giving the requested service, answering to a consultation, suggestion or complaint, as well as a financial, operative, statistical purpose and of risks evaluation. The person in charge of the file is Ypama Abogados, S.L.U., with domicile in Avenida Ricardo Soriano, 12, 2º – 2ª oficina, 29601 Marbella. The above mentioned file has been registered in the General Record of the AEPD (Spanish Agency of Data Protection) and on it are applied the technical, legal and organizational measurements established in the regulation of protection of data of personal character to avoid any access, alteration, loss or treatment not authorized.

In addition, the information supplied may be used by Ypama Abogados, S.L.U. to transmit information of a promotional nature related to its products and services, such as commercial offers and publicity by any means, electronic or traditional.

Likewise, the communication of this data to the societies with whom Ypama Abogados, S.L.U.  collaborate is authorized for its use in activities related with its corporative aim. This communication shall be carried out by any way, mail, phone, fax, e-mail or any other telematics way. It will be possible to obtain the above mentioned societies relation, with indication of the domicile and activity that they develop, in the offices of Ypama Abogados, S.L.U., or in this direction

You have the right to access to this file, rectify or cancel your data, as well as for the revocation of the authorizations hereby granted, with the exceptions and limitations set forth in the applicable legislation. In case you want to exercise these rights, please send a signed request to the address indicated in the Contact section on this website, accompanying photocopies of your D. N. I. or equivalent document.

The filling in of the form included in the web page, or the sending of emails or other communications to Ypama Abogados, S.L.U. implies the express consent of the user to the inclusion of your personal data in the automated file.

The information provided by the user through the form of this website must be truthful and the user guarantees its authenticity. The user will be solely responsible for the false or inaccurate statements made and for any damages that cause to Ypama Lawyers, S.L.U. , or to third parties arising from such information.