The Firm


Ypama Abogados is the result of a conviction and the achievement of a goal, my goal.

Ypama Abogados was born as a resut of a conviction: all small and medium companies would want the same kind of legal advisor as the large companies; all families would like to have, as in the movies, his own “family lawyer”.

Do you agree with me? Don`t you? Who does not want the kind of things that money brings?

Nowadays, in this complex society we live in, where each day we are involved in more legal relationships (we are increasingly having more things, which means that we have signed contracts with more and more people), having a lawyer in who you can trust has become indispensable.

As for the companies… well Spain is a country of entrepreneurs, which is why we have so many small and medium companies (our well known PYMES). The PYMES problem is that there are more requirements, more obligations, more forms to fill in, and fewer “good faith”.

Therefore, having a trusted lawyer is no longer a luxury but a necessity.

Ypama Abogados means having achieved my goal.

I love being a lawyer. I love it in all its different aspects. On the one hand, because I have a deep-rooted concept of “Justice” that I have inherited from my father; On the other hand, I am excited by the mental challenge that implies looking for solutions among the tangle of laws of the Spanish legal system. As a consequence of it I have studied long and hard and have accumulated experience over the years about law, which you can see on   Linkedin.

Firma Abogados - Jura Constitución
Swearing to protect the Spanish Constitucion in 1996. Formal pre-requisite to be able to parctice as a lawyer.

Spanish saying goes: “Life is a right, and working for the rights of people is devotion for life”.

The result of all the above is Ypama Abogados, a Law Firm with a very personal philosophy.

In this personal vision of a Law Firm, the lawyer will listen to everything that the client wants to tell, because only with a deep knowledge of the client’s interests it will be possible to provide him with the best advice. Only when you know the “how”, the “when”, and above all, the “why” the lawyer knows the real problem of the client and can advise about how to end it satisfactorily.

Therefore, even though people use to come to look for help when they already have a problem within one of the areas of my expertise, with time the kind of service I end up giving to my clients is global: providing the client with a first professional impression about the issues and, if necessary, advising him about the specialist to look for.

This is the reason why I have special “Pricing Plans”: in exchange of a monthly quota the client has the tranquillity of knowing that he can talk to his lawyer as needed and about any kind of issue. The plans published are for companies, but if you are an individual and are interested in this kind of agreement, do not hesitate to ask for it.

In my personal vision of a Law Firm I have my own Code of Conduct in which is included my commitment to transparency, honesty and confidentiality. Transparency begins with a policy of openness in setting my fees (in the calculation of your investment) which are fixed from the very beginning and set out in the Retainer Agreement that I will sign with my clients at the begining.

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