Real Estates

You another right hand.

Real EstatesWhen you are preparing a sale, have you ever wondered at what point you should have consulted a lawyer?

The answer is very simple: “before having offered a product and/or having a client to attend”.

And from there onwards, to the end of the sale.

  • First of all you must protect your income, which is why a good Retainer Agreement is essential. Your Retainer Agreement should be different whether it is intended to be signed by the buyer or the seller. Are you sure that your Retainer Agreement protect you against claims by “errors” in the information provided by the seller? Are you well protected if the buyer purchase the property directly to the seller you have introduced to him (or vice versa)?
  • Does your premise fulfil all the legal requirements? Do you have in a very visible place all the Informative Boards required by law? Are you sure? Even the one required by the Decree 218/2005?
  • Before investing time and money preparing the “Documento Informativo Abreviado” (DIA) (similar to the UK’s Home Information Pack, HIP) it is important that you review all the required information, including the town planning information. Knowing the legal status of the property is essential, whether it is under construction, completed already, even if it is second-hand (Know more).
  • Do you offer legal services to your clients as a bonus? Legal assistance about taxes, contracts, licenses, etc.? (Know more).

It is up to you whether you want us to help you from the very beginning, or from a particular moment of the selling/buying process.

With Ypama Abogados you will have the tranquillity of being assessed by specialized lawyers (Know more).

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