Bankruptcy (insolvency proceedings)

Guiding you through the chaos.

BankruptcyYpama Abogados is specialized in bankruptcy proceedings for PYMES.

The specialization of Ypama Abogados in insolvency cases comes from the professional qualification of its founding partner: a lawyer who has prepared herself to become a judge, who has obtained several master degrees and followed several courses in accounting and audits. She began her professional career in the world of bankruptcy and “suspensions of payments”, taking part in well known cases as the Huarte bankruptcy.

Ypama Abogados does not merely take charge of following the step-by-step sequence of the course of action of a bankruptcy procedure; we plan strategically the case with the client.

Ypama Abogados has also agreements with specialists in tax, labour and penal law, just in case they were needed to carry out with the strategy designed to solve an insolvency situation of a client.

A bankruptcy procedure is much more than a judicial proceeding. It is necessary to analyse the viability of the company (or of the individual), to study different alternatives to negotiate an agreement with the creditors, try to avoid the loss of control of the company by the owner (or of the family properties), consider the possible responsibilities of the employer/administrator, etc.

For such a complex situation you will need a lawyer who can provide you with a triple kind of assessment: 1.- of course, a lawyer specialized in bankruptcy law; 2.- a skilled lawyer in other branches of law (labour, civil, etc.) or a “general practitioner” lawyer;  3.- a professional with studies and experience in the economic field.

Bankruptcy You cannot be content with less, because the consequences of a bad direction in a bankruptcy procedure can be disastrous.

Other law firms offer themselves to file the legal procedure, or to claim in a bankruptcy procedure against the debtor. They limit themselves to fulfil the commitment of following up the steps of the judicial procedure, without going as far as understanding the whole set of legal and economic possibilities that it may offer to the client.

To know more about the services that Ypama Abogados offers you on the subject of insolvency proceedings, and to know more on the own judicial procedure, please visit our specialized page.

Ypama Abogados is also a specialized Law Firm in town planning law , therefore our double specialization makes us the best choice for the recovery of the money paid when buying off-plan properties and the developer has gone into an insolvency procedure .