Communities of Owners

Communities of OwnersIf you are looking for the best law firm in Marbella to provide legal advice to a community of owners, then you have come to the right place.

  • Being the family business of the founding partner of this Law Firm the real estate business (property leasing and acquisition) it is clear that her knowledge and experience is guaranteed.
  • Whether you are the administrator of a community of owners, the President of the community, or a neighbour, we will clarify all your doubts, will assist you in trial, and/or will draft (or will review) for you any documents you shall need, with the added value of being drafted and signed by a lawyer.
  • In addition, Ypama Abogados not only is going to asses you in all the usual matters of a community of owners, but also we will assist you in town planning topics (such as zoning, licenses, etc.), since this is another branch of specialization of the Firm and of great value in Marbella (as you can find out why in this especial section).
  • And if your community has constructive problems, the experience of our Firm – being legal advisors of developers and constructors – will be to your service. It will be another bonus added to the value of our services for you.

Communities of OwnersWe can work by means of one global retainer agreement, which will differ depending on the services that you want from us: only the usual ones, or including other specializations. In it we can agree monthly payments, or a fee closed in advance for each claim.

Also, we can negotiate each issue you bring to us separately.

In any case, the proprietors members of the communities clients of Ypama Abogados will benefit from a discount of 20 % on Bar Association Fees that correspond depending on the place where the community is located.

With Ypama Abogados you will have always the best possible advice. Get to know the reasons.