Conference in Marbella: Estate Agents and Urban Planning Regulation

Ypama  Abogados holds a free conference in English about how to find out – in just 20 minutes – the urban planning situation of a property in Marbella.

The conference is being held under the heading “Would you know how to check the urban planning situation of a Property in Marbella on line? Learn how to do so in just 20 minutes.”

Given the success of the previous conference held in Spanish in March, Ypama Abogados hosts this interesting meeting for the English speaking Property Agents and Property Administrators looking forward to learning, by means of a very useful conference, the tools to check the urban planning situation of a listed property without leaving their office.

Yolanda Palencia, expert Lawyer in urban law and Marbella’s PGOU will provide the keys to anticipate and save time and costs.

Using the technique taught in this conference, the attendees will be able to anticipate to a possible constraint in the Real Estate Valuation that would stop a bank form granting a mortgage and/or will diminish the value of the property. Also, the attendees will learn how to understand the different situations for a property established in the PGOU of Marbella (such as ARG, AIA, AA, etc.) and its consequences.

Day: 28th May, 2015

Place: Cortijo Miraflores.

Hour: 19:00

Address to: Property Agents, Property Administrators, Construction Professionals, Developers and any other person working in the Real Estate Sector.

Please, confirm your assistance to

Amendment of the Urban Leasing Act. Rent update

Since April 1st 2015 but applicable only to new contracts, the rent will not be updated every year unless it is expressly stated so in the contract.

Also, the parties may agree that the rent can be updated using either the IPC (Indice de Precios al Consumo) or the IGC (Indice General de Competitividad).

Reform of the Spanish Traffic and Road Safety Act.

The Council of Ministers has approved the Bill to amend the current Law on Traffic, Use of Motor Vehicles and Road Safety.

The ban on driving under the influence of drugs is maintained, except in the case of prescribed medication and for the purposes of rehabilitation, and only provided that the driver can handle the vehicle “with the due diligence and care established by law”.

The law does not modify the speed limits, which, if appropriate, will be established in the Highway Code. The law establishes that drivers that exceed 150 kilometres per hour, in addition to the corresponding economic sanction, will lose points on their licence, regardless of the speed limit in force.Another new aspect incorporated is that liability for running over animals “will in general lie with the driver”. However, when this takes place as a direct result of hunting, the party responsible will be the owner of the land, and when it is for a lack of fencing or signposting, the owner of the highway will be responsible.

Cyclists under the age of eighteen must wear a cycle helmet on all roads, as must all adults on interurban roads.Furthermore, the new legal text regulates the use of the safety belt and child safety systems, expressly prohibits the use of radar detectors and includes the principle of “zero tolerance” for drugs. In addition, fines for driving with levels of alcohol in excess of the limits established or under the influence of drugs, will be increased from 500 to 1,000 euros.

Spanish Electronic Signature (electronic certificate): dealing with the Spanish Tax Authorities online.

Even if you are a non-resident in Spain, you may need to deal with the Spanish Tax Authorities (AEAT). To do so, you may go personally to your nearest AEAT’s office or you may proceed on internet.

To work on internet with the AEAT you need the Digital Signature, or – if you are a resident in Spain – you can work with the PIN24.

My personal advice is to obtain the Digital Signature, as it is for a period of several years (three years), can be used anywhere and works also with other Spanish Administrations (as Social Security). The Digital Signature can be exported and saved in a USB, so you can deploy it in any computer (but if it is not your computer, always remember to delete it as soon as you have finished).

The PIN24 hours has a limited period of validity (24 hours), so you will need to get another one every time you need to deal with the AEAT.

Keep on reading about the Electronic signature.