Areas of practice

Town planning and administrative law.

Dealing with the Administration (Municipalities, Departments within the Junta de Andalucía, State Administration, etc.) is not the same that to deal with an individual, therefore it is better to be well advised from the outset.

I am also orientated towards activities involving all types of processes of classification, planning, discipline, performance and town planning development, facilitating the obtaining and processing of licenses and permits.

I offer you my expertise, among other things, in:

  • Procedures for obtaining of all kind of licenses by the Town Hall.
  • Procedure for the reestablishment of legality in urban development (demolition).
  • Damage liability claims involving the City Council.
  • Certificate proving that a building is not the subject of any urban planning violation.
  • Complaints related to the licensing of activities.
  • Expropriation by virtue of the law.
  • Division of rural land plots on private initiative.
  • License for activities subject to environmental authorization.
  • Modification of the General Urban Organization Plan (Plan General de Ordenación Urbana, PGOU) on private initiative.
  • Private plot development plan.
  • Special plan for non-development of the General Urban Organization Plan (Plan General de Ordenación Urbana, PGOU) on private initiative.
  • Works completion certificate.
  • License for the use of public spaces for active advertising.
  • Obtaining a municipal loading and unloading permit.
  • Special authorization to drive in pedestrian zones (in order to access parking).

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Property law: sales, leases, communities of owners, etc.

As it has been recognized by Global Law Experts, I have great experience in all the topics related to property law. Advising in buying and selling properties, in leases, to communities of owners, or in so many other topics that may arise in relation to the land and the constructions, I am your best choice.

My expertise includes issues such as:

  • Conveyancing process (buying, selling or renting your property).
  • Registration of Deeds at the Property & Land Registry
  • Breach of contract by developers or constructors;
  • Claims arising out of defects in construction.
  • Lease contracts.
  • Ius ad rem, such as servitudes (drip, drain, preventing the drain, lights, raising of buildings of walls, etc.), usufruct (or the right to enjoy a thing, the property of which is vested in another), etc.
  • Works completion certificate and deeds;
  • Contracts to agree to Exchange land for future construction, purchase options.
  • Self-promotion: licenses, judicial proceedings, etc.
  • Property disputes and contractual problems, injunctions, etc.
  • Home improvements and problems with neighbours.

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Civil law: Obligations and Contracts. Litigation.

Obligations and Contracts govern our life as consumers and users. For instace in the private law as on having hired a contractor to reform the house, or a gardener; or in our family life, such as when composing a testament or analysing our family obligations.

When these rights are discussed there is a need to go to Court and I have experience in it after more than 15 years of litigation.

The civil law of obligations and contracts is the basis of all law. It includes topics such as:

  • Pre-litigation advice.
  • Intervention and legal advice in ad hoc and institutional arbitration proceedings.
  • Advice on judicial proceedings in civil law, commercial law, administrative law, criminal law and tax law.
  • Assistance and intervention in conflictual situations arising in businesses.
  • Advice on product liability, consumer and user claims as well as on extra-contractual responsibility.
  • Liability actions against managing directors.
  • Interim measures, seizures.
  • Frauds, swindles, punishable insolvencies, fraudulent bankruptcies and receiving’s by criminal builders or developers.
  • Debt recovery, company searches, financial reports on debtors, and execution of decisions against debtor’s assets.
  • Enforcement of international court orders or judgments.
  • Tort Law.
  • Domain names and IT.
  • Claims for breach of contracts.
  • Foreclosures.
  • Advice on inheritance law.
  • Mediation.
  • Claims on bills of Exchange, cheques or promissory notes.

Individuals’ and companies’ insolvency proceedings.

I am specialized in insolvency situations of small and medium companies; as well as individuals. I face the Bankruptcy procedure as another alternative to get out of a difficult situation. I will do much more than simply following up the procedure; I will confront it with proactive and creative mentality.

My advice extends, among others, to the following issues:

  • Study of the economic and legal situation, advice on the appropriateness of the application of the procedure.
  • Advice on the pre-insolvency stage: negotiation prior to file the application.
  • Communication of credits.
  • Drafting the settlement of creditors.
  • Dealing with the Bankruptcy trustee panel.
  • Challenge and recognition of credits.
  • Responsibility of the administrators and partners.
  • Incidents and appeals within the procedure.
  • Claim of goods within the procedure.
  • Other trials possible whilst the bankruptcy procedure.
  • Possible alternative actions during the procedure.
  • Assistance as counsel to the Bankruptcy trustee panel.
  • Filing claims for down payments made against developers in bankruptcy proceedings. Law 57/1968.

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