Reasons to hire Ypama Abogados

  1. Lawyer trained especially thinking in the small and medium companies.

    Ypama Abogados is the attainment of an ambition, that of its founding partner: to be prepared up to being one of the best in the profession and, then, opening a Firm to give the best possible legal consultancy to the small and medium companies.

    In this effort to be the best, it is necessary to be multidisciplinary and simultaneously to be specializing. This way, in certain fields– like company law, contracting, bankruptcy, real estae, town planning –   We are specialists. In other fields – like tax or labour law – I work jointly with external collaborators, but always with my supervision and control.

  1. But without losing sight of the individuals and their families.

    In the small and medium companies persons are a part of the assets, whether they are executives, employees or suppliers, but especially the customers.

    In Ypama Abogados I have never forgotten what the main worries of the individuals are. Thus, in my efforts to become specialized lawyers, I have never lost sight of the needs of the individuals, not only of the companies.

  1. With the traditional advantages of a small law firm.

    No necessarily a law firm with 1.000 square meters guarantees a really good legal aid.

    In a big law firm there can be good and bad professionals and, save for few exceptions, clients cannot choose the lawyer who is assigned to their case. In a small firm there are also good and bad lawyers, but the difference is that the direct relation with the lawyer allows the client to discern himself if he is – or not – in front of a good professional.

    With Ypama Abogados, the same lawyer will carry all your issues, allowing a more personalised relation, a personal entail being created between lawyer and client.

  1. Giving new meanings to the concept of “Small Firm”.

    I respect the traditional values of the legal profession, but these are new times that require new technologies, new attitudes to face the situations and the clients.

    The cultural level of the people has increased very much and clients demand complete and continued information of the vicissitudes of his matters, but in “plain language”. Thus, I send by periodic reports by email to the clients for this purpose.

  1. I act always with a mentality of preventive and comprehensive advice.

    I shall not limit myserlf to advising you on the strict subject that has brought you to me, but I will advise you on all matters in which I anticipate conflicts.

    If, when reviewing a document that you have brought to me, I see something that I believe would be better to change, I will let you know as part of our service.

    If I find something that I think could be improved in your company, and that it will implies avoiding a risk, I shall tell you without any doubt.

  1. Giving preference to a realistic vision.

    If you belong to those who think that lawyers are there to complicate things, I shall make you change your opinion.

    The motto that I always bear in mind when assessing clients is that my main aim is to find the balance between protecting the client and facilitating the achievement of his own goals.

  1. I team with you.

    I shall never do anything without letting you know. Any action, in trial or out of it, will be consulted first with you and will inform you immediately of its results.

  1. Total transparency and sincerity in the fees fixation.

    In Ypama Abogados I work signing a previous contract – called Retainer Agreement – where I settle clearly our commitments and those of my clients. There is nothing hiding in tiny print.

    My fees are adjusted to the quality and quantity of services that I give and, like any investment, they have been fixed thinking in that they are profitable for all the parts involved.

    In order for you to have an idea of my fees, in the page of “Pricing Plans” I have reflected the fees of some of the most usual services I provide.

  1. I have Special Plans, where you can know the value of your investment from the first moment, and look for the best plan adapted to your needs.

    I have prepared Special Plans with packs of services adapted to the different needs of companies.

    Also, we can negotiate your own situation and come to independent agreements.

  1. I invite you to call me to arrange an appointment and meet me.

    Call me; you will have my telephone number visible in the right top corner of this webpage at all times.

    I encourage you to call me to arrange an appointment. I think that when trying to explain personal problems, there is no better way than “face to face”.

    I shall be pleased to listen to you in a first consultation, where I will inform you about the viability of your case. I do not consider this first consultation as “work”, rather than a service to our community, therefore it is for free.

  1. Wherever you are,  I am very close of you.

    In order to facilitate the access to my offices, my opening hours are 10.00 hs. to 18.00 hs. uninterruptedly.

    But if it is not easy for you to come to my office, I am sure that with the new technologies we will find the form that best suits you in order to be able to communicate with me.